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You're having a lot of fun with yours Xbox and, in particular, you are playing quite a lot at Fortnite, the popular video game Battle Royale by Epic Games. However, you are not sure how to use the voice chat feature and would need some guidance. No problem: I'm here to help you with that!

In fact, in this tutorial I will illustrate you well how to talk on Fortnite for Xbox. Of course, I will not limit myself to just the voice chat functionality present within the game, but I will also go into detail on the party functionality of Xbox Live, appreciated by many players who have embraced the Microsoft ecosystem.

What do you say? Are you ready to coordinate with other players on Fortnite for Xbox? In my opinion you can't wait to team up and take home as many victories as possible with the help of your friends. Come on then, just follow the quick instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary operation
  • How to talk on Fortnite Xbox
    • Via the game settings
    • Tramite party Xbox Live
  • How to talk on Fortnite Xbox One and PS4

Preliminary operation

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to talk on Fortnite for Xbox, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, Fortnite offers players one voice chat which allows the latter to coordinate during the games. This feature is very useful, as it can guarantee a certain competitive advantage, especially in the Teams mode (where it can be used to indicate, for example, the position of the opponents).

Then there is one native Xbox functionality, implemented by Microsoft directly within the console, which allows you to create party and thus talk to your friends, regardless of the titles played (which can therefore also be different).

That said, however play online on Fortnite through your Xbox you must have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. You probably know everything already, but if you need more information you can find it in my tutorials on how to get Xbox Live Gold for free and how Xbox Game Pass works (the subscription Ultimate in fact, it also includes the Live Gold service).

It almost goes without saying that you need an Xbox connected to the Internet, while you might be interested in learning more about the world of gaming headsets, which often have a microphone for voice chat. You obviously have to be careful what you buy, looking for the compatibility with your console.

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Either way, you can find myriad solutions both in brick-and-mortar stores and on Amazon, so you shouldn't have any particular problems finding the right product for you.

How to talk on Fortnite Xbox

After explaining what you need to use the voice chat feature on Xbox, I'd say it's time to get to the heart of the guide. Below are directions for using Fortnite's internal voice chat and Xbox Live party functionality. For the tutorial I used a Xbox series s, but the indications I will give you should also apply to the other Microsoft console models.

Via the game settings

The quickest way to play Fortnite by talking to your friends is to use the feature directly voice chat implemented in the game.

Once connect headphones to the pad via jack cable or connected a wireless adapter / receiver to the console, usually via USB port, and the headset is turned on (there is no support for Bluetooth accessories), possibly extracting the microphone from the body (or connected to the headphones) and checked that any physical button for the microphone volume (usually located along the headphone cable) is active, setup is very simple.

In any case, if you have problems with the use of headphones, I recommend that you go to the settings console (gear icon) and access the section first Generali and following that Output audio e volume. Here you will find the option Group chat output, which I recommend you set to Headphones.

For the rest, just start Fortnite, go to the main page of the mode Battle Royale, first il pulsating Menu (hamburger icon) of the controller and select the option SETTINGS.

At this point, using the key RB of the pad, go to the tab marked byspeaker icon. Here you will find all the audio settings, including the section dedicated to voice chat.

To be precise. at the top is the section VOLUME, through which you can manage the volume of the option VOICE CHAT. Further down, however, there are various other options, from enabling this feature to the voice chat method. In the latter case, you can choose between MICROPHONE OPEN, so everyone always feels, or PRESS AND TALK, which allows you to be heard only when you press and hold a special button.

Going down the menu again you will find the option to choose who you want to talk to during the games played with matchmaking upon completion, therefore with unknown users. You can choose whether to be heard only by yours group or from all people in the game. You can also decide whether to view the indications when other users speak.

In short, in the menu in question there is just everything you need. If you want some advice, Xbox is better from my point of view activate chat, keep the open microphone (you can also close it using the physical button if your headphones allow it), set Group as regards the public matches and keep activate the alerts related to voice chat.

By doing this, you will see that everything will work as it should as soon as you enter the game. Speaking of which, I guess you already know everything since you play Fortnite, but for invite other people just press the button to play A of the pad into one of the team blanks which you can find on the main screen and select theamico you want to invite.

For the rest, you may be interested in consulting my guide on how to add friends on Fortnite.

Tramite party Xbox Live

Another interesting possibility to talk to each other while playing Fortnite is to go through the native Xbox functionality. Some call it party, Other groups: What matters, however, is that it is a room where you and your friends can converse freely, even if you are playing different titles.

To give you a concrete example, I'll use a Xbox series s. However, if you are wondering how to talk on Fortnite for Xbox One, don't worry: the procedure is very similar.

To access this possibility, press the button Xbox of the controller (after connecting the headphones) and move to the tab marked withchat icon. Then press the button A of the pad above the button Start a group.

Perfect, now you have created yours virtual room where you can talk to others. You can invite your friends by clicking on the button Invite others and selecting theaccount of the people you want to join the group.

You may have noticed that there are other options inside the room. For example, you can activate the voice overlay, as well as press on the panel options and set the room as accessible only by invitation. From here you can also turn off the voice for everyone and use the option Switch to game chat.

The latter is useful when a title has one internal functionality to talk to each other, like the one of Fortnite that I illustrated to you in the previous chapter. Keeping activated both party and voice chat game, you may hear thedual audio. For this reason, it is a good idea to use this functionality if necessary.

Once the game session is over, just click on the option Abandon to leave the room. If you want instead adjust the various volumes, including that of your microphone, you can do it by going to the path Options> Audio settings.

How to talk on Fortnite Xbox One and PS4

How do you say? You have some friends who have one PlayStation 4 and would you like to talk to them? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away.

In this case, you need to know that Fortnite supports this feature. There's a reason I first told you how to use the game's internal voice chat and then the system functionality.

In fact, to play with people who have another console, you just need add them to friends within the game, if you haven't already, e invite him through the procedure I explained to you in the chapter dedicated to internal voice chat.

If you have any doubts about the procedure to follow to invite your friends, you can take a look at my tutorial on how to activate cross platform on Fortnite. Perfect, I just have to wish you a lot of fun with Epic Games' Battle Royale title!

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