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You have recently started playing Fortnite on PlayStation 4 and would like to learn how to build walls, platforms, ramps and traps? Have you seen your favorite streamer implement sophisticated techniques to quickly place elements on the playing field in Fortnite and would you like to try to reproduce them? You will be happy to know that you are in the right place at the right time.

In fact, in today's tutorial I'll show you how to build on Fortnite PS4. As a final result, you will be able to place walls, platforms, ramps and traps on the map to disorient your opponents or to protect yourself from crossfire. In case you were wondering, I will also explain how to implement the "90 degrees" technique using the PS4 controller.

Courage: what are you waiting for? Do you want to become an ace in Fortnite or not? Yup? Great, then read and put into practice the brief instructions below. I assure you that, in a very short time, you will be giving a hard time even to the most aggressive enemies and you will finally be able to manage the playing field to the maximum of your possibilities. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary operation
  • How to build on Fortnite PS4
    • Walls and doors
    • Platforms
    • Ramp
    • Traps
  • How to do the 90 on Fortnite PS4

Preliminary operation

Before explaining to you in detail how to build on Fortnite PS4, I think it is of fundamental importance to provide you with some information on how the Epic Games game construction system works and how you can retrieve the materials useful for the creation of the various elements to be placed on the map.

First of all, it is important to understand that, to build, one must first have collected gods materials. Fortnite allows you to take advantage of the wood Stone and metal to create the game elements. To get the latter, you must use the pickaxe, which is the weapon that is assigned at the beginning of the game and which you can access at any time by pressing the button triangle of the controller. At this point, you need to press the key R2 of the controller and use the pickaxe against the various destructible elements in the scenario, to get the materials.

Essentially, every element is destructible in Fortnite, but the most common ones are trees, pallets, rock formations e wall. To give you a concrete example, the tallest trees can guarantee you 100 units of wood: a pretty good number to start planning your constructions. Beware, however, that you cannot recover materials by destroying a structure previously created by you.

The second method of obtaining materials is to find them around the map by opening the breakage or by going to the houses and spaces where other players have not yet passed. Speaking of the latter, by defeating them you will get the materials they had when they were alive and you could scrape together a considerable amount of wood, stone and metal.

The three types of materials available in Fortnite allow you to build all game elements, except the traps (which must be found on the map as common objects). Walls, platforms and ramps can therefore be made of wood, stone and metal.

The material of construction, however, determines the solidity of the structure and therefore its health points. Let's take a practical example: a metal ramp has 500 health points, while a wood ramp has 140 health points. Note the fact that several seconds must pass from creation for the structure to assume all its health points.

If we think that the pickaxe brings on average 25 damage single shot means it can take dozens of shots before you can destroy a metal ramp. In short, getting the right materials can be a good opportunity to create a competitive advantage over your opponents. Also, the cost of each item is always the same, that is 10 units of materialsno matter if it is made of wood, stone or metal. This means that you will not have to "spend" more to build a more solid structure.

How to build on Fortnite PS4

The most common mistake novice Fortnite users make is to not build anything on the map and play as if it were a common shooter title. Placing walls, platforms, ramps and traps on the field and learning how to modify them is, however, of fundamental importance and raises the level of the player compared to those who only play a game every now and then. Below you will find the procedures to make the most of this possibility.

Walls and doors

The element that Fortnite players use the most to defend themselves are the wall. In fact, they are easy to place and allow you to create a closed structure in a few steps and in a short time. Walls are often used to protect themselves from enemy fire and perhaps escape by building a back door.

To place a wall on the playing field, all you have to do is press the button O (circle) and afterwards R1 on the PS4 controller, select i wall, move the view of the character to a point where it is allowed to position the object (it will turn blue if the position is appropriate, otherwise it will be red) and press the button R2 of the DualShock. The walls can be placed on almost any surface, except of course in those places where they interpenetrate other elements or do not adapt well to the ground.

Once you've created a wall, you might want to think about adding one port to the latter. To do this, go to the element you want to change and press the key O (circle) of the controller. After that, select two blue squares (preferably on top of each other) and press the button again O (circle) of the controller to create the door. To exit construction mode, you need to press the button O (circle) of the controller.


Another type of very important element to create a competitive advantage are the platforms. By the latter term, I refer to floors, pyramids e roofs: elements that can also be used without an underlying support, if connected to an existing structure. The aforementioned objects can be very useful in the game to ensure a view from above of the battlefield and thus keep an eye on the moves of the opponents.

To build a platform, you just have to press the button O (circle) and afterwards R1 on the PS4 controller, select floors o pyramids, move the character's camera to a place suitable for placement, and then press the button R2 of the DualShock.

Floors can be used both as the base of the house and as an “extension” of the structures, while the pyramid can be placed essentially anywhere, even if the best use is to place it on top of a house made of four walls. I remind you that, to exit the construction mode, you have to press the key O (circle) on the controller.

The platforms can be clearly modified through the use of the button O (circle) of the controller. In this case, the pyramid can become one ramp, while the floors can create spaces that can be useful to comfortably go up a structure developed vertically.


Many players consider the ramp the most useful tool to build in the game, since they guarantee an elevated position and are designed to make the most of weapons such as snipers and the like. More experienced players often use this element to surprise enemies from above.

To build a ramp, all you have to do is press the button O (circle) and afterwards R1 on the PS4 controller, select the ramp, move the character's camera to a suitable spot and press the button R2 of the DualShock.

Ramps can be placed almost anywhere, except, of course, in places where they interpenetrate with other elements of the scenario or do not adapt well to the terrain. To exit construction mode, press the button O (circle) of the controller.

The ramps can be changed with the key O (circle) of the controller, but it is an action that does not really involve great advantages, since it only allows you to rotate the element. Therefore, I recommend positioning the ramps correctly during the construction phase, so as not to have to resort to these not-so-comfortable modifications.


Unlike the other elements described above, the traps they do not require any type of material to build, they simply have to be found on the playing field, just as if it were any weapon. The possibility of being able to use a trap or not therefore depends on your luck, since you will have to find it inside one cash or in the map.

Once you've found this type of item, hit the button O (circle) and afterwards square on the PS4 controller, move the character's gaze to a suitable point and press the button R2 of the DualShock.

The most common place to place traps is inside houses, perhaps just behind them entrance door. In this way, in fact, the opponents will find an unpleasant surprise without being able to foresee it. I remind you that to exit the construction mode you have to press the button O (circle) of the controller.

The various types of traps can be placed on the ceiling, on the Wall and land. They are used to do damage to enemies and often guarantee good satisfactions in this sense. In some cases, they may even defeat your opponent in one fell swoop.

How to do the 90 on Fortnite PS4

How do you say? Have you seen your favorite streamer build at lightning speed? Well, he probably used a technique called "90%"By the players: it allows, in fact, to combine in the best possible way the elements I have illustrated previously, building a structure that is difficult to attack in a few seconds. Clearly, you will have to build this structure many times (perhaps in Creative mode) before learning how to do it so quickly.

There are actually numerous ways to take advantage of the "90 degrees" technique, but I will shortly explain what I believe to be the simplest and most functional. First, before proceeding with the construction of the structure, you will need to scrape together a quantity of materials not indifferent: my advice is to fall at the beginning of the game in an area full of trees and to tear down the larger ones. In fact, the aforementioned technique is not based much on the solidity of the structure, but on the speed of construction and on the disorientation of the opponents. Essentially the enemies will not be able to understand what you are doing, they will get distracted and can therefore be easily bypassed.

A very interesting method to collect materials faster is to use the pickaxe exactly in the center of the blue circle that appears on the screen: this will allow you to bring the double the damage to the element you are destroying and to obtain, as a result, twice the speed of the materials.

Also take into consideration the fact that you could change the keys to build. To do this, go to the lobby e premium pulsating Options of the controller. After that, press the key X of the DualShock above theicona dell'ingranaggio (the first at the top right), press the button R1 until you select thejoystick icon and choose from the preset Fast builder and that Construction professional. The game will explain how all the buttons in the chosen preset are used: I suggest you opt for the one you think will do the most for you, perhaps testing it in mode Creative.

Having said that, I would say that you are ready to learn how to implement the "90 degrees" technique. First, place one ramp and go with your character on the left side or on right side of the same. Then place a wall in the center and continue creating another to the right or to the left, depending on where you want to orient your structure.

At this point, salta and place one ramp towards the chosen direction. Perfect: now repeat this procedure for as long as you want and you will see that you will build a gigantic building in a few seconds. You might also think about extending the structure horizontally, jumping forward and placing a floor.

I assure you that, in this way, the opponents will be very disoriented by your technique and you can attack them from above or run away.

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