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Have you heard of the latest fabulous skins of Fortnite, the iconic title of Epic Games, but you can't get them because they cost too much or did you arrive late and are no longer available? Yep, some skins are made available by developers for a period of time limited, not everyone always manages to get them. The desire to see the most epic skins on your Fortnite character has now become unstoppable, however you don't know how to do to have them all available. Don't worry, I can give you a hand if you want.

You have surely heard, at least once, of the mysterious Fortnite developer account, real? Well, with the guide today I will explain how to use it to have all the Fortnite skins in a comfortable showroom accessible at your convenience; all in a free and legal way. Too good to be true? I assure you not.

Follow my tutorial on how to have the developer account on Fortnite and you will easily realize it. If you want to wear, for example, the Mandalorian costume, that of Kratos or that of Master Chief without having V-Buck available, take five minutes of free time and follow the suggestions below. You will certainly be happy with the result. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good time!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to have the developer account in Fortnite on PC
    • How to get a developer account on Fortnite
    • How to download the developer account on Fortnite
  • How to have the developer account on Fortnite PS4
  • How to have the developer account on Fortnite mobile

Preliminary information

Before starting the tutorial to get the developer tool, I would like to give you a quick introduction on the nature ofFortnite developer account. As you well know, the popular Epic Games title is a mix of creativity and fun. Fortnite doesn't just focus on carrying out repeating missions and earning rewards. A huge part of the fun is focused on the ability to customize your character with a huge amount of unlockable items in the game.

I am talking, for example, of skins, decorative backs, picks that become swords, axes or spears and weapons that take on unthinkable powers and shapes. Everything is fine emote it is distinguished by characteristic moves and dances that give a unique personality to your character: that's why you too will surely have spent hours of gameplay just to choose the Emote that best suits your character. In Fortnite you express yourself with colors, shapes, gestures, dances and costumes and there is nothing more creative and fun.

However, you don't always manage to get the latest unlockables. I guess you will have missed some skins or some collectibles in one week and another and you are unable to accumulate enough V-Bucks (the Fortnite coin) to buy them in the shop. Am I right? I know what it means to want a seasonal skin and not be able to acquire it anymore, or to use the weapons of Halo's Master Chief and the decorative back with the head of Mimir from God of War.

Well, hold on tight: the Fortnite developer account allows you to have the entire catalog of unlockable objects, conceived and designed by the developers of Epic Games, at your complete disposal. Epic Tier Costumes, Legendary Costumes, and Seasonal Costumes are all unlocked and wearable in the Lobby. That's right! I confirm that even the dances, the loading screens, the covers for the hull, the weapons and the music are all unlocked to be enjoyed with calm and fun.

In short, to customize your character and look at every single item in the unlocked library, you will need a whole weekend! As I mentioned a little above, the developer account will provide you with a real one showroom accessible when you want. After all, you have to consider that a developer account is an account used for game programming and development, so everything must be accessible.

The only limit imposed by a developer account is that of not being able to play a game. Yep, you won't be able to use Creative, Party, or Save the World Mode. You will be able to create and customize your character in a thousand different ways, even with cosmetics that would cost several euros in reality, but you will not be able to use them to play. Clear? All right, then let's proceed.

How to have the developer account in Fortnite on PC

Now that you have a little clearer ideas about the nature of the Fortnite developer account, you just have to try it out! In the next paragraphs I will show you all the requirements necessary to make you reach the goal of this tutorial. So if you have decided to try and would like to understand how to have the developer account in Fortnite on PC, read carefully the details that I will give you below.

First you need to have a PC Windows with the full Fortnite game already installed. I remind you that the very famous Epic Games Battle Royale is free and you can install it whenever you want through the Epic Games software platform as long as your PC meets the minimum requirements to run the game.

In case you don't have Fortnite on your PC, I suggest you first follow my tutorial which explains how to download and install Fortnite on PC, in a simple and detailed way. When you have Fortnite installed on PC, you will be ready to get the developer account! Find all the details to get it in the next chapter.

How to get a developer account on Fortnite

The developer account on Fortnite is free and open to everyone, with no age or geographical location restrictions. The platform that manages the developer accounts has been named AuroraFN and is constantly updated on private servers, independent from those of Epic Games. The programmers have been very strict in delimiting the regulations of the accounts in question in order not to violate the DMCA of Epic Games (they are also present on the well-known Microsoft GitHub portal, under the GPL 3.0 sharing license). So you will have understood that the developer account requires an alternative subscription to the one you usually use to play Fortnite, and in this chapter I will explain just how to get it.

So if you are dying to know how to have a developer account on Fortnite, first log in to the website and click on the button Log in, located in the upper right corner. The login form will open, but you don't have a developer account yet, so proceed by clicking on the text Sign up just below the Login button.

You will see the form change to Create an account (create an account), then you can enter a new one Username to your liking (it doesn't have to be the one you use in Fortnite), one e-mail valid (important) and one Password (I suggest a difficult password to protect your account more). Once you have filled in all the fields on the form, click on the button Sign up, down. You will see the check box for Google reCAPTCHA, then click the checkbox I'm not a robot and, if necessary, follow the instructions provided on the screen. Finally, you just have to click on the button Confirm below.

Done! You just got a developer account for Fortnite. You are on the main account page which allows you to further change your login details or developer preferences. On this page, at the bottom, you can delete the account when you no longer want it (just click on the button Delete account).

The only option I suggest you change on the main page of your developer account is the Leaker Mode. Read carefully: if you set this mode to enabled, in the game you will only see the outgoing skin, then one or two (as long as the developers are planning new skins). If, on the other hand, you set the mode to disabled, you will have all skins of the game, from the first to the last officially released.

To get started, I strongly suggest you leave the setting on disabled and click the button Update to save your preferences. Later, if you want to try, you can change the setting to your liking.

Perfect. You are now ready to download the developer tool and run Fortnite. Read the next chapter to start the real fun!

How to download the developer account on Fortnite

To use the developer account you need to download an application (the development tool) that allows you to start the Fortnite game with the settings of the developer account and no longer those of the standard game. Follow the next paragraph carefully to know how to download developer account on Fortnite.

Once you've got your developer account and become familiar with your account webpage (as noted in the previous chapter), it's time to download the developer tool. Then, from the home page of the site, click on the button Download located in the upper left corner. After that you will have to click the button again Download which appears in the center of the page. The download of a named file will start

The archive you just obtained contains 2 files: once downloaded, just extract it and you will get the files Aurora.Runtime.dll e FortniteLauncher.exe. You're almost done.

Now you need to double click on the file FortniteLauncher.exe just extracted. Wait a few moments for the Login window of the development tool to open, then enter theemail address and Password of your developer account and click the button Login. Once your account is validated, you will be able to click on the button Launch which will appear in the center of the window.

After a few seconds, Fortnite will launch in developer mode. Perfect: you just have to have fun in the creative customization of your character!

How to have the developer account on Fortnite PS4

After hearing about the developer account on Fortnite and the endless possibilities it has, you would like to know how to have the developer account on Fortnite PS4? Unfortunately I have to tell you that, at least at this moment, there is no method to start the developer account in the version of Fortnite for the Sony console.

Anyway, should things change, rest assured that I will update this tutorial to give you as much detail as possible. For the moment, I suggest you try the Fortnite developer account on PC: you will find all the useful information for this purpose in the previous chapters of this tutorial.

How to have the developer account on Fortnite mobile

You are an avid mobile game player and are looking for guidance on how to have the developer account on Fortnite for smartphones and tablets? As for the PlayStation 4, unfortunately, even the mobile platforms do not have a method to date to run the Fortnite developer account.

This account can only be used on a PC. But don't worry, if anything ever changes and the Fortnite developer account is also enabled on mobile, I will promptly update this tutorial. In the meantime, I can suggest you try the developer account on PC, as explained above.

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