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    How to build on Fortnite PC

    You just started playing Fortnite on your computer and would like suggestions on how to build walls, platforms, ramps or traps? Have you seen your favorite streamer place elements on the playing field in Fortnite at supersonic speed and would you like to try to emulate him? You will be happy to know that you are in the right place at the right time.

    In fact, in today's guide, I will explain how to build on Fortnite PC. As a final result, you will be able to use walls, platforms, ramps and traps in a strategic way, perhaps to confuse your enemies or even simply to defend yourself from the barrage of blows that they could unload at you. And yes, in case you were wondering, I'll also give you some tips that will help you move faster on the battlefield.

    Courage: what are you waiting for? Do you want to get better at Fortnite? If your answer is yes, please read and apply the short instructions below. I assure you that, in no time at all, you will have reached your goal and your opponents will no longer know what to fish for. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


    • Preliminary operation
    • Building on Fortnite PC
      • Walls and doors
      • Platforms
      • Ramp
      • Traps
    • How to build fast on Fortnite PC

    Preliminary operation

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to build on Fortnite PC, it seems important to explain to you what materials you need to have in order to build the various elements and how you can find them.

    Well, Fortnite implements three types of materials: wood, Stone e metal. To get the latter, you have to use the pickaxe, the only weapon that is given to you at the beginning of the game and accessible by pressing the button 1 keyboard. After that, you have to press the left mouse button and use it against the various elements present in the game scenario to get the materials.

    Almost every element in the game is destructible, give it to you trees ai pallets, passing by rock formations and wall. Think that the largest trees can be worth up to 100 units of wood. The only thing you need to be aware of is the fact that you cannot recover materials from a structure that was built by you.

    Another method of recovering materials is to find them around the map, inside the breakage or in places where other players have not yet passed. About the latter, defeating enemies you can get the materials they had when they were alive.

    All three materials are capable of building all elements in the game, except traps (which are found on the map as common objects). The walls, platforms and ramps can therefore be made of wood, stone or metal. Depending on the material, the elements will be more durable. For example, a wall of Stone has 300 health points, while one in metal ha 500 health points. I also recommend that you take into consideration the fact that it can take several seconds from the creation of a structure for it to assume all its health points.

    Counting the pickaxe brings on average 25 damage with each hit, it can take up to 20 hits to destroy the strongest wall. In short, choosing the right materials means having a not insignificant competitive advantage. Don't underestimate the fact that the construction cost of each element is 10 unit made of wood, stone or metal.

    Building on Fortnite PC

    Learn to build on Fortnite is crucial. In fact, the Epic Games title can be safely played even without placing any element on the playing field but, to be able to truly compete with the pro players, you must also learn to protect yourself and create strategic structures: below you will find the procedures to learn to do it as soon as possible.

    Walls and doors

    One of the most common elements to build are the wall. The latter allow you to quickly shelter from stray bullets from enemy teams, which are often difficult to spot. By building walls around you, however, they will be harmless and you could even build structures that can put you at an advantage over your opponent.

    To build a wall, you just have to press the button Q keyboard (or F1), move the view of the character to where you want to place the wall (it will be marked in blue if the position is suitable, or in red if it is not the right place) and press the left mouse button. Walls can be placed essentially anywhere, except in some areas where they penetrate the ground or other objects.

    Once you've placed a wall, you can create one port on it, so that you will be able to enter a closed structure even when you are outside. To do this, go to the wall you want to modify and press the button G of the keyboard.

    Then, left-click on two squares (one on top of the other) and press the button again G keypad to create the door. To open / close it, approach it and press the key E keyboard. I remind you that to exit the construction mode and go back to using your weapons you have to press the button Q of the keyboard.


    Now let's see how to create platforms. By the term "platforms" I refer to floors, roofs e pyramids, which can also be used without a real underlying support, if connected to a pre-existing structure. These elements can be very useful to advance quickly from above towards an enemy or to lock yourself inside a structure created with your own hands.

    To build a platform, all you have to do is press the button F2 (floors) or F4 (pyramid) on the keyboard, move the character view to a point where the element can be placed and press the left mouse button. Floors can clearly be placed at the base of the house, but they can also be connected to any type of element, in order to extend the structure or pass over the lava, for example, or be used as a “roof”.

    The pyramid, on the other hand, can be placed essentially anywhere, even if its most logical use is to place it on top of a structure made up of four walls. To exit construction mode, you need to press the key Q of the keyboard.

    Do not underestimate the feasible changes: the pyramid can become one ramp, while floors can create spaces to comfortably climb a vertical structure. To do this, approach one of the mentioned elements and press the button G. After that, select with the left mouse button one or more squares (I always recommend selecting two neighbors) and pressing the button again G to implement the changes.


    Le ramp they are considered by many players to be the most useful tool to build in the game. In fact, they guarantee an elevated position and are well suited to the use of weapons such as snipers and the like. This element is often used by pro players to surprise opponents from above.

    To build a ramp, you just have to press the button F3 on the keyboard, move the character view to a point where the element can be placed and press the left mouse button. Ramps can be placed essentially anywhere, except in places where they interpenetrate with other elements of the scenario. To exit construction mode, press the key Q of the keyboard.

    In the case of ramps, the changes don't have much effect. My advice is therefore to use the button R of the keyboard under construction, in order to have the ramp in the position you want. With the key G you can later change the rotation, but this is often not too convenient.


    Le traps they are an element that does not require materials to be replaced, but just goes found in the game map, just like a common weapon. The possibility of being able to use this type of tool is therefore linked to luck, since there is no method to be sure to find a trap in Fortnite.

    Once you have found this item, press the key F5 on the keyboard, move the character's gaze to a point where the trap can be placed and press the left mouse button. Traps are usually placed inside houses, so that when other players open the door they will activate and defeat enemies in no time at all. To exit construction mode, you need to press the key Q of the keyboard.

    There are obviously different types of traps, which must be placed on the ceiling, the land or on Wall. Obviously they are used to do damage to enemies and often manage to take away a substantial amount of health, if placed properly.

    How to build fast on Fortnite PC

    The elements I mentioned above are a very important component of Fortnite and, if used well, can really make a difference during a game. There are various methods to make the most of them, but you must also be quick in doing it: in the following lines, therefore, I will explain what are the best strategies to combine walls, platforms, ramps and traps quickly.

    First of all, the first thing you should do at the beginning of the game is to parachute into an area of ​​the map where you can collect a lot of materials: my advice is to try places where there are many trees. Unfortunately, I cannot be more precise as the Fortnite map is constantly evolving and each new Season changes something in this regard.

    But I can explain how to collect materials faster: you have to use the pickaxe exactly in the blue circle which appears in the center of the screen. This way, you will do the double the damage and you will get the materials in half the time it usually takes.

    build faster, I recommend, instead, to access the construction mode with the key Q on the keyboard and then to use the mouse bottle to switch from one element to another. As for the structures, my advice is to create initially four walls around your character, blow up and, while in the air, place a floor: continuing in this way and placing a ramp on the top of the building, you will be able to create a solid and difficult to attack structure in a few seconds.

    I also think it's important to build one port in the lower part of the building, in order to quickly take refuge on the "ground floor" in case of problems. You could also think about building some ramp and "Buchi" in the floors, so you can also go up the structure. In short, the limit in Fornite is only your imagination and I invite you to experiment with the combination of elements that best suits your style of play.

    Another method to build faster, often used by pro players, is to assign alternative keys to the construction of the various game elements. Often the key is assigned to the walls Q, as it is just to the left of the classics WASD, while the button is associated with the ramps V, easily accessible from the keyboard. Platforms and traps are often assigned to keys respectively F e G, easily reachable with the left hand during the game. Finally, the construction of the roofs can be entrusted to the key T.

    To change the configuration of the keys, all you have to do is go to the lobby and press thethree horizontal lines icon at the top right. Then click on theicona dell'ingranaggio (the first at the top right) and press ondirectional arrows icon (the third from right to left). From here you can assign up to two different keys for each single action. Press, therefore, on the item Not assigned present next to the action you want, press the key you want to use in the game and select the item Confirmation.

    For more information on Fortnite, I recommend that you consult my guides on how not to let Fortnite lagging on PC, on how to run on Fortnite and on how to get free skins on Fortnite.

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